9. MRVL Crypto Poll Mode Driver

The MRVL CRYPTO PMD (librte_crypto_mrvl_pmd) provides poll mode crypto driver support by utilizing MUSDK library, which provides cryptographic operations acceleration by using Security Acceleration Engine (EIP197) directly from user-space with minimum overhead and high performance.

9.1. Features

MRVL CRYPTO PMD has support for:

  • Symmetric crypto
  • Sym operation chaining
  • AES CBC (128)
  • AES CBC (192)
  • AES CBC (256)
  • AES CTR (128)
  • AES CTR (192)
  • AES CTR (256)
  • 3DES CBC
  • 3DES CTR
  • MD5
  • MD5 HMAC
  • SHA1
  • SHA256
  • SHA256 HMAC
  • SHA384
  • SHA384 HMAC
  • SHA512
  • SHA512 HMAC
  • AES GCM (128)

9.2. Limitations

  • Hardware only supports scenarios where ICV (digest buffer) is placed just after the authenticated data. Other placement will result in error.

  • Before running crypto test suite it is advised to increase limit of opened files:

    ulimit -n 20000

9.3. Installation

MRVL CRYPTO PMD driver compilation is disabled by default due to external dependencies. Currently there are two driver specific compilation options in config/common_base available:


    Toggle compilation of the librte_pmd_mrvl driver.


    Toggle display of debugging messages.

During compilation external MUSDK library, which provides direct access to Marvell’s EIP197 cryptographic engine, is necessary. Library sources are available here.

Alternatively, prebuilt library can be downloaded from Marvell Extranet. Once approval has been granted, library can be found by typing musdk in the search box.

For MUSDK library build instructions please refer to doc/musdk_get_started.txt in library sources directory.

MUSDK requires out of tree kernel modules to work. Kernel tree needed to build them is available here.

9.4. Initialization

After successfully building MRVL CRYPTO PMD, the following modules need to be loaded:

insmod musdk_uio.ko
insmod mvpp2x_sysfs.ko
insmod mv_pp_uio.ko
insmod mv_sam_uio.ko
insmod crypto_safexcel.ko
  • musdk_uio.ko, mv_pp2_uio.ko and mv_sam_uio.ko are distributed together with MUSDK library.
  • crypto_safexcel.ko is an in-kernel module.
  • mvpp2x_sysfs.ko can be build from sources available here.

The following parameters (all optional) are exported by the driver:

  • max_nb_queue_pairs: maximum number of queue pairs in the device (8 by default).
  • max_nb_sessions: maximum number of sessions that can be created (2048 by default).
  • socket_id: socket on which to allocate the device resources on.

l2fwd-crypto example application can be used to verify MRVL CRYPTO PMD operation:

./l2fwd-crypto --vdev=net_mrvl,iface=eth0 --vdev=crypto_mrvl -- \
  --cipher_op ENCRYPT --cipher_algo aes-cbc \
  --cipher_key 00:01:02:03:04:05:06:07:08:09:0a:0b:0c:0d:0e:0f  \
  --auth_op GENERATE --auth_algo sha1-hmac \
  --auth_key 10:11:12:13:14:15:16:17:18:19:1a:1b:1c:1d:1e:1f

Example output:

AAD: at [0x7f253ceb80], len=
P ID 0 configuration ----
Port mode               : KR
MAC status              : disabled
Link status             : link up
Port speed              : 10G
Port duplex             : full
Port: Egress enable tx_port_num=16 qmap=0x1
PORT: Port0 - link
P ID 0 configuration ----
Port mode               : KR
MAC status              : disabled
Link status             : link down
Port speed              : 10G
Port duplex             : full
Port: Egress enable tx_port_num=16 qmap=0x1
Port 0, MAC address: 00:50:43:02:21:20

Checking link statusdone
Port 0 Link Up - speed 0 Mbps - full-duplex
Lcore 0: RX port 0
Allocated session pool on socket 0
eip197: 0:0 registers: paddr: 0xf2880000, vaddr: 0x0x7f56a80000
DMA buffer (131136 bytes) for CDR #0 allocated: paddr = 0xb0585e00, vaddr = 0x7f09384e00
DMA buffer (131136 bytes) for RDR #0 allocated: paddr = 0xb05a5f00, vaddr = 0x7f093a4f00
DMA buffers allocated for 2049 operations. Tokens - 256 bytes
Lcore 0: cryptodev 0
L2FWD: lcore 1 has nothing to do
L2FWD: lcore 2 has nothing to do
L2FWD: lcore 3 has nothing to do
L2FWD: entering main loop on lcore 0
L2FWD:  -- lcoreid=0 portid=0
L2FWD:  -- lcoreid=0 cryptoid=0
nportmask: ffffffff
ports per lcore: 1
refresh period : 10000
single lcore mode: disabled
stats_printing: enabled
sessionless crypto: disabled

Crypto chain: Input --> Encrypt --> Auth generate --> Output

---- Cipher information ---
Algorithm: aes-cbc
Cipher key: at [0x7f56db4e80], len=16
00000000: 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F | ................
IV: at [0x7f56db4b80], len=16
00000000: 20 F0 63 0E 45 EB 2D 84 72 D4 13 6E 36 B5 AF FE |  .c.E.-.r..n6...

---- Authentication information ---
Algorithm: sha1-hmac
Auth key: at [0x7f56db4d80], len=16
00000000: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F | ................
IV: at [0x7f56db4a80], len=0
AAD: at [0x7f253ceb80], len=