5. FM10K Poll Mode Driver

The FM10K poll mode driver library provides support for the Intel FM10000 (FM10K) family of 40GbE/100GbE adapters.

5.1. Limitations

5.1.1. Switch manager

The Intel FM10000 family of NICs integrate a hardware switch and multiple host interfaces. The FM10000 PMD driver only manages host interfaces. For the switch component another switch driver has to be loaded prior to to the FM10000 PMD driver. The switch driver can be acquired for Intel support or from the Match Interface project. Only Testpoint is validated with DPDK, the latest version that has been validated with DPDK2.2 is 4.1.6.

5.1.2. CRC striping

The FM10000 family of NICs strip the CRC for every packets coming into the host interface. So, CRC will be stripped even when the rxmode.hw_strip_crc member is set to 0 in struct rte_eth_conf.

5.1.3. Maximum packet length

The FM10000 family of NICS support a maximum of a 15K jumbo frame. The value is fixed and cannot be changed. So, even when the rxmode.max_rx_pkt_len member of struct rte_eth_conf is set to a value lower than 15364, frames up to 15364 bytes can still reach the host interface.