11. SZEDATA2 poll mode driver library

The SZEDATA2 poll mode driver library implements support for cards from COMBO family (COMBO-80G, COMBO-100G). The SZEDATA2 PMD is virtual PMD which uses interface provided by libsze2 library to communicate with COMBO cards over sze2 layer.

More information about family of COMBO cards and used technology (NetCOPE platform) can be found on the Liberouter website.


This driver has external dependencies. Therefore it is disabled in default configuration files. It can be enabled by setting CONFIG_RTE_LIBRTE_PMD_SZEDATA2=y and recompiling.


Currently the driver is supported only on x86_64 architectures. Only x86_64 versions of the external libraries are provided.

11.1. Prerequisites

This PMD requires kernel modules which are responsible for initialization and allocation of resources needed for sze2 layer function. Communication between PMD and kernel modules is mediated by libsze2 library. These kernel modules and library are not part of DPDK and must be installed separately:

  • libsze2 library

    The library provides API for initialization of sze2 transfers, receiving and transmitting data segments.

  • Kernel modules

    • combov3
    • szedata2_cv3

    Kernel modules manage initialization of hardware, allocation and sharing of resources for user space applications:

Information about getting the dependencies can be found here.

11.2. Using the SZEDATA2 PMD

SZEDATA2 PMD can be created by passing --vdev= option to EAL in the following format:

--vdev 'DEVICE,dev_path=PATH,rx_ifaces=RX_MASK,tx_ifaces=TX_MASK'

DEVICE and options dev_path, rx_ifaces, tx_ifaces are mandatory and must be separated by commas.

  • DEVICE: contains prefix eth_szedata2 followed by numbers or letters, must be unique for each virtual device

  • dev_path: Defines path to szedata2 device. Value is valid path to szedata2 device. Example:

  • rx_ifaces: Defines which receive channels will be used. For each channel is created one queue. Value is mask for selecting which receive channels are required. Example:

  • tx_ifaces: Defines which transmit channels will be used. For each channel is created one queue. Value is mask for selecting which transmit channels are required. Example:


11.3. Example of usage

Read packets from 0. and 1. receive channel and write them to 0. and 1. transmit channel:

$RTE_TARGET/app/testpmd -c 0xf -n 2 \
--vdev 'eth_szedata20,dev_path=/dev/szedataII0,rx_ifaces=0x3,tx_ifaces=0x3' \
-- --port-topology=chained --rxq=2 --txq=2 --nb-cores=2